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Hydrating Light Moisturiser Vs. Ultra-Light Liquid Moisturiser: Which One Is For You?

When it comes to skincare, understanding the nuances between moisturisers is essential. It's easy to assume that all of them do the same job of combating dryness, but they actually have distinct roles in your skincare routine. 

Simple Skincare offers two exceptional moisturisers that have gained popularity among skincare enthusiasts. In this article, we will compare Hydrating Light Moisturiser and Ultra-Light Liquid Moisturiser. So, hold on to your glow, because things are about to get interesting! 

Hydrating Light Moisturiser with Borage Seed Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Vitamin E 

The Hydrating Light Moisturiser is a true gem when it comes to providing hydration and nourishment to your skin. It has an oil-free texture that feels super light on the skin. Enriched with borage seed oil, pro-vitamin B5, and vitamin E, it replenishes moisture levels, leaving your skin feeling hydrated for a whopping 12 hours. Its lightweight formula is so fast-absorbing, you'll be amazed! This face moisturiser is perfect for normal and combination skin. 

Simple Skincare Hydrating Light Moisturiser

Benefits Of Using the Hydrating Light Moisturiser 

The Hydrating Light Moisturiser offers several benefits for the skin and the final results are just WOW. Check’em out below.

  • This oil free moisturiser provides essential hydration without clogging pores or leaving a heavy residue.  
  • The borage seed oil helps soothe and moisturise the skin, while pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E contribute to a healthier, more glowy skin texture.  
  • No artificial perfume, alcohol, or artificial colourants? Absolutely! This moisturiser keeps it clean and simple. 
  • It’s also suitable even for the most sensitive skin. 

How It Works On The Skin 

This moisturising cream doesn't mess around. It delivers a burst of hydration to your skin, thanks to its lightweight formula that effortlessly penetrates and locks in moisture. Say hello to a healthy skin barrier! Incorporate it into your CTSMS (Cleanse, Tone, Serum, Moisturise, Sunscreen) routine, and watch your skin love you back instantly. It's a match made in skincare heaven! 

Ultra-Light Liquid Moisturiser with Thyme and Witch Hazel 

If you prefer a lighter and more refreshing moisturiser, Simple Skincare's Ultra-Light Liquid Moisturiser might be your perfect match. Infused with the goodness of thyme and witch hazel, this moisturiser offers a burst of hydration without feeling heavy or greasy on the skin. Its liquid texture glides effortlessly, instantly quenching your skin's thirst for moisture. 

Simple Skincare Ultra-Light Liquid Moisturiser

Benefits Of Using The Ultra-Light Liquid Moisturiser 

We heard you when you asked for a super lightweight moisturiser! Yes, this superhero moisturiser is teemed with many benefits.

  • This skin moisturiser offers 24 hour hydration and it has a matte effect. It can also be used as a primer before makeup.  
  • It delivers essential hydration while maintaining a light, non-greasy feel.  
  • The combination of thyme and witch hazel works to fight against spots and oils whereas Niacinamide helps maintain a healthy balance, controlling future blemishes.  
  • This moisturiser is particularly well-suited for those with oily or combination skin, as it helps control excess oil and minimise shine. 

How It Works On The Skin 

Simple Skincare knows how to deliver! The Ultra-Light Liquid Moisturiser is specifically formulated to provide hydration without the heaviness or greasiness. Its lightweight liquid texture allows for quick absorption, instantly satisfying your skin's thirst for moisture. Just take a dab of this moisturiser after toning your face, and oily skin will become a thing of the past. Goodbye, shine! 

Hydrating Light Moisturiser Vs. Ultra-Light Liquid Moisturiser 

The Hydrating Light Moisturiser is an excellent choice for individuals with normal and combination skin. Its slightly richer texture provides deep hydration and nourishment.  

On the other hand, the Ultra-Light Liquid Moisturiser is tailored for those with oily or combination skin. Its lightweight, liquid consistency delivers hydration without adding excess oil or shine to the skin. 

Ultimately, the choice between these two moisturisers depends on your specific skin type and concerns. 

Both moisturisers are formulated to address certain skin concerns and deliver results tailored to different skin types. By considering your skin's unique characteristics and needs, you can choose the moisturiser that will provide the best results and optimise your skincare routine. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Simple Moisturisers 

Q: Can I use these moisturisers under makeup? 

A. Absolutely! Both the Hydrating Light Moisturiser and the Ultra-Light Liquid Moisturiser are suitable to use as a base for makeup. Their lightweight formulas allow for easy absorption into the skin, providing a smooth canvas for makeup application. Ensure that you allow the moisturiser to fully absorb before applying your makeup for the best results.

Q: Are these moisturisers suitable for sensitive skin? 

A. Yes, both moisturisers are suitable for sensitive skin. These moisturisers are formulated with gentle, skin loving formula. They are free from harsh ingredients and fragrances, making them less likely to cause irritation or adverse reactions on sensitive skin. However, it is always recommended to perform a patch test before incorporating any new product into your skincare routine.

Q: Do these moisturisers have a fragrance? 

A. Simple Skincare's Hydrating Light Moisturiser and Ultra-Light Liquid Moisturiser are both fragrance-free. They are designed to be gentle on the skin and avoid unnecessary additives, including artificial fragrances. If you prefer fragrance-free skincare products, these two are totally for you.

Needhi Dhoker
Written by Needhi Dhoker on Aug 14, 2023
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