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Toner + Micellar Cleansing Water

Toner + Cleansing Water

A simple facial toner is an essential product in your skincare. Best used after removing make-up and cleansing, before using a serum and moisturiser. It helps restore skin’s natural pH balance that could have been stripped off while cleansing.

Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner is made with the special blend of Pro-Vitamin B5, Witch Hazel and Allantoin that will keep skin toned and refreshed. It is a vegan toner made of 100% recycled plastic. All our simple products are free from artificial colour, perfume, alcohol and more than 2000+ harsh chemicals. They are PETA certified cruelty free, dermatologically approved, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and tested for even sensitive skin.

Why use Toner?

Face toner is a well-kept beauty secret. It's a water-based solution that contains skin-soothing ingredients. Different formulae tailored to your skin type are frequently available. The purpose of a toner is to rejuvenate your skin gently without depriving it of its natural moisture. This implies that the toner won't irritate fragile skin or cause it to become too dry. Toner also helps your skin absorb your post-cleansing moisturiser and any other skin products you might use.

After washing your face, a simple skin toner eliminates any remains of oil, and pollutants caught in your pores. It can have a significant impact on the look and tightness of your pores when applied to your daily skincare routine. Toner also balances the pH balance of your skin, smooths rough spots, and improves skin tone. So many advantages!

Simple soothing facial toner is the right choice that fulfils all these benefits. It’s a simple toner for oily skin as well as sensitive skin.

Micellar Water

Micellar water is made of micelles that has a property to attract all the dirt from skin and remove impurities, even tough make-up gently without affecting the skin’s natural barriers.

Our Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Cleansing water is enriched with Vitamin B3, Vitamin C and Triple purified water, that is perfectly suitable for normal to dry skin types. Our Simple Daily Skin Detox Oil Be Gone Micellar Water is made with a special blend of thyme, witch hazel and zinc that helps clean pores and remove excess oil. Best suitable for oily, acne prone skin and specially made for daily use.

Micellar Water Benefits

  • Helps efficiently removes dirt and oil, which can help keep skin fresh by preventing clogged pores and acne.
  • Suitable for all skin types and can greatly decrease skin inflammation and irritation, which is especially good for people with sensitive skin.
  • Used on the skin to remove harsh makeup, and impurities left behind after cleansing. Most of its ingredients have the capability to increase skin penetration, allowing for a more thorough cleansing.


Should I use a toner every day?

Yes, it is ideal to use a toner every day, at least once a day.

What does simple face toner do?

Our soothing facial toner helps keep skin toned and refreshed.

How much should I use? Can I use Micellar Water more than once a day?

Start with one cotton pad and apply a generous amount. It’s quite common to use two cotton pads; some Micellar Water lovers use a cotton pad for either side of the face, while some use one after the other to achieve that thorough cleanse.

Can I use Toner and Micellar Water if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, our Simple Soothing Toner and Simple Micellar Cleansing Water is designed for sensitive skin and loved by all skin types. We make sure to use only our purest possible ingredients, so they are not only effective, but also also gentle and kind to skin, making it perfect for sensitive skin.

How does Micellar Water fit into my daily skin care regime?

You can use Simple® Micellar Cleansing Water as your daily cleanser. The only difference is that there’s no need to rinse after you use it. You can use it as a first step, to gently cleanse and remove make-up. Alternatively, you can also use it after washing your face with facial wash to give your skin a thorough cleanse. After use, you can continue with your usual skin care regime (i.e., tone & moisturise).

How is Micellar Water different from oil-based make-up removers?

Oil-based make-up removers are known for their effectiveness in dissolving and removing make-up, but not particularly known for being kind on skin. Micellar Water, on the other hand, is a relatively new format in make-up removal that is known for its mild and gentle formulation, making it the perfect make-up removal format for sensitive skin
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