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Best Facial Cleansers

Face Cleansers

Face cleanser is the first skincare product used in a skincare routine and therefore choosing the right one for your skin type is critical. Be it oily, dry, acne or sensitive skin, a right facial cleanser can show a difference. Using the right cleanser eliminates all the dirt, oil and impurities and preps the skin for the next steps. Having a hydrated skin base will make application of a moisturizer or makeup much smoother.

Our facial wash thoroughly washes away make-up and other impurities leaving your skin feeling clean, fresh, and revived. With Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Bisabolol, and careful blend of purest possible ingredients and multi-vitamins, Simple face washes keep your skin cleansed and revitalized. Its gentle formula doesn’t dry out the skin, and foam-based formulation is known to be the best facewash for sensitive skin.

They are 100% Soap Free, contains Triple Purified Water and vital vitamins to help replenish and nourish your skin without irritation. Our face washes like all Simple products contains no colour or dye, no soap, and no artificial perfume. It is dermatologically tested and approved, and ophthalmologically tested. Specially designed for sensitive skin users, it is also hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. They are Vegan PETA certified cruelty free.

For dry skin, it’s important to look for face cleansers that is free from alcohol, as this can dry out the skin even more. Our Simple Kind to Skin Moisturising Facial Wash is the best face wash for dry skin and it is also alcohol-free. It keeps skin moisturized and hydrated throughout the day. Our Simple Kind to Skin Refreshing Facial Wash is best face wash for oily skin. It removes excess oil without ripping off the natural moisture from the skin.

These face washes are mild and do not irritate your skin as they are color and fragrance-free. Suitable for even the most sensitive and acne prone skin. Our face wash for oily skin, Refreshing Facial Wash, has been the favorite choice of many of our consumers as it has worked wonders and shown positive results.


Which face wash is best for dry skin for daily use?

Our Simple Kind to Skin Moisturising Facial Wash id best for dry skin and can be used daily.

Which face wash is best for acne and oily skin?

Our Simple Kind to Skin Refreshing Facial Wash is the right choice for acne and oily skin.

How much should I use per wash?

A little goes a long way. It is recommended to use 2ml or a pea-sized amount per wash. This should be enough to massage over your wet face. If you feel you need more or want to have a more intense cleanse, there is no problem with trying a bit more.

When should I use a Facial Wash?

It can be used in the morning and at night as part of your skin care routine. To complement your cleansing routine, you can apply a Micellar Water or a Facial Toner. Simple Micellar Water thoroughly cleans and hydrates your skin, while our Simple Soothing Facial Toner refines pores. Lastly, apply a moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day or night.

How is the Refreshing Facial Wash different from the Moisturising Facial Wash?

Both Refreshing Facial Wash and Moisturising Facial Wash are formulated with the purest possible skin-loving ingredients and are free from artificial colour, perfume and harsh chemicals that can upset or irritate the skin. The main difference is in the format where the Refreshing Facial Wash is gel-based, and the Moisturising Facial Wash is cream-based. They both cleanse the skin, thoroughly washing away make-up, dirt and other impurities without leaving the skin feeling tight, dry or greasy. They differ in terms of added benefits, as the Moisturising Facial Wash has moisturising properties to provide instant hydration to the skin, while the Refreshing Facial Wash keeps skin replenished and leaves skin with a refreshed feeling.

Is the formulation of the Simple® Refreshing Facial Wash suitable for sensitive skin?

Definitely. Simple Refreshing Facial Wash is formulated to suit all skin types and is perfect for sensitive skin because it contains no artificial perfume, colour or harsh chemicals that can upset or irritate skin.

Will the product irritate my eyes?

Our formula is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, ophthalmologist-tested and is safe for sensitive eyes. But avoid direct contact with eyes, otherwise, rinse thoroughly with water to prevent irritation.
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