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The Art Of Achieving No Makeup Makeup Look With Skincare

Ever wonder how the "I woke up like this" trend took over our Instagram feeds? Well, beneath the seemingly effortless no makeup makeup look lies a secret: a touch of skincare and hydration. It's a minimalist approach in a world that once celebrated bold brows and heavy flushed looks. The no makeup makeup trend, advocating that less is more, has become a timeless favourite. Here's your guide to effortlessly doing this trend right without breaking a sweat—because who says you can't achieve a flawless look with a hint of nonchalance? The art of looking naturally radiant skin is here!

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What Is No Makeup Makeup Look Exactly?

What Is No Makeup Makeup Look Exactly?

The "No Makeup, Makeup Look" is a beauty trend that celebrates a natural and fresh-faced appearance while skillfully camouflaging any imperfections. Unlike traditional makeup styles that involve multiple layers and bold colours, the essence of this look lies in creating the illusion of effortlessly flawless skin with minimal product application. This trend typically involves using lightweight formulas. The result is a radiant, dewy skin for no makeup look.

1. Start By Washing Your Face

You need a hydrating face wash, we repeat, a hydrating one. When your base itself starts with the right skincare steps, it can lead to a better no makeup makeup appearance. We recommend our 100% soap-free, Micellar Facial Wash face wash that sets as the perfect first step towards glowing skin.

2. Move Onto A Hydrating Serum

Commence your skincare routine with a calming serum, opting for our Simple Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Serum on a freshly cleansed face. This serum, enriched with Hyaluronic acid, provides essential hydration and imparts a soothing effect on the skin. Hyaluronic acid's moisture-retaining properties contribute to plump skin, making it an ideal choice for those desiring a light and soothing coverage. Our HA Serum establishes the groundwork for a gentle skincare regimen that nurtures the skin, ensuring a calm and well-hydrated appearance.

3. Hydrate And Shield

For radiant, luminous skin, ensure your no makeup, makeup routine, prioritises skin hydration and protection. After cleansing and applying your preferred facial serum, consider incorporating the Simple Skincare Hydrating Light Moisturiser. This lightweight moisturiser not only seals in the nourishing benefits of your skincare routine but also provides a smooth base for a naturally luminous finish. If you have parched skin, here’s the best moisturising cream for dry skin too - Hydrating Gel Creme.

Following the moisturising step, fortify your skin against environmental aggressors by adding a sunscreen. This step will safeguard your skin without making your skin feel heavy. A perfect companion for the no makeup, makeup look.

Bonus Makeup Steps

1. Prime Your Skin

Now that your skin is all ready, prime it up! A primer will create a perfect, smooth base, right before you go for a BB cream or foundation.

2. Foundation Time

Tinted sunscreens, BB creams and foundations all of this make a part of the no makeup makeup look. Depending on your preference, you can decide which look you wish too mimic.

3. Bronze, Blush And Lips

Without saying much, the answer to this step is a cream blush with a blend of bronzer. Make sure your products have hydrating ingredients as that’s the motive of this skincare trend. Don’t forget to lift up your lips with an ultra-dewy lip balm. This step will just do the trick right.

4. Don’t Forget To Hydrate Your Skin

This look is incomplete without mentioning the importance of keeping your skin hydrated inside out. Consume enough water, include glowing foods, and the right kind of supplements for a proper skincare routine.


This classic skincare, makeup trend can be achieved whilst also being focused on your skin’s health. Feel your best with this trend that gives you the natural appearance that you always wanted!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:1 What do I need for no makeup make up look?

A. No-makeup makeup look, essentials include a lightweight moisturiser, SPF, soothing face serum, BB Cream, concealer, cream blush, bronzer and a lip balm. You can also do an enhanced version by including more products.

Q:2 How can I make my skin look good without foundation?

A. Achieve radiant skin by focusing on skincare. Start with a gentle cleanser, apply a hydrating serum, and use a lightweight moisturiser. Conceal specific areas as needed, and finish with a touch of blush.

Q:3 Does skin look better without makeup?

A. Skin can often look healthier and more radiant without makeup, as it allows your natural features to shine. A good skincare routine along with staying hydrated and prioritising skincare, can lend glowing skin without banking on makeup. 

Q:4 How can I make my face glow without foundation?

A. To achieve a radiant glow without foundation, start with a hydrating skincare routine. Use a luminous primer or illuminating moisturiser for a subtle glow. Opt for a natural-toned blush to add warmth to your final look. 

Needhi Dhoker
Written by Needhi Dhoker on Jan 11, 2024
Fashion & beauty fanatic. Tea or coffee dilemmas. John Mayer vibes. Spilling words and swooning over skincare.
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