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6 Common Reasons Behind Dry Skin And How To Deal With It

Tired of dealing with the discomfort of dry skin on your face? You're not alone. This common skincare issue can be both bothersome and frustrating. Fortunately, with the right skincare routine and products, you can now deal with dry skin and get healthier-looking skin. Here are the top reasons behind dry skin on your face, how to identify a damaged skin barrier, and the most effective ways to restore and maintain a healthy skin barrier.

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What is dry skin?

Here are 6 possible reasons why you have dry skin

What is dry skin?

Dry skin, scientifically known as xerosis, is a condition in which your skin lacks the moisture and lipids essential for hydration and health. It can be caused by various factors, both internal and external.

Here are 6 possible reasons why you have dry skin

1. You are too hard on your skin

It's easy to get carried away with an arsenal of potent skincare products. Products containing active ingredients like retinol, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) promise remarkable results. However, using too many active ingredients can harm your skin barrier. Active ingredients can be beneficial, but when overused, they can strip your skin barrier of essential lipids and moisture, leading to dryness and irritation. To avoid this, adopt a gentle, gradual approach. Introduce one new active ingredient at a time and allow your skin to adapt.

2. Your skin care products have alcohol in it

Alcohol is a common ingredient in many skincare products, often used as a preservative or to create a lightweight texture. However, products with alcohol as a main ingredient can be detrimental to your skin. Alcohol can be extremely drying and irritating, contributing to dry skin.

Check out Simple Skincare’s range of skincare products. All our products steer clear of more than 2000+ harsh chemicals and are free of artificial fragrances, colour, perfume etc.

3. You’re using harsh exfoliants

Exfoliating is essential for maintaining smooth, healthy skin, but overdoing it can damage your skin barrier. Harsh exfoliants, such as scrubs with rough particles or strong chemical exfoliants, can be too abrasive. Opt for gentler exfoliation methods,

like using a soft washcloth, or a mild exfoliating cleanser. Our top recommendation is Simple Active Skin Barrier Care Smoothing Gel Cleanser. This one has 7% Ceramide boosters and 5% Lactic acid that calmly exfoliates the skin. Do this no more than a few times a week to avoid over-irritating your skin. 

4. You could be over-washing your face

Cleansing your face is essential to remove dirt and impurities, but over-cleansing can lead to dry skin. Washing your face excessively can strip away your skin's natural oils and disturb its skin barrier. Aim to cleanse your face twice a day, in the morning and evening, using a gentle, hydrating cleanser like our Simple Active Skin Barrier Care Replenishing Cream Cleanser. This is the perfect face wash for dry skin. Avoid hot water, as it can exacerbate the issue.

5. You are choosing hot showers

Steaming-hot showers may be relaxing but in reality, they can strip your skin of its natural oils and weaken its skin barrier. To prevent this, opt for lukewarm water during showers and baths. Afterwards, promptly apply a dry skin moisturiser to lock in the moisture and soothe your dry skin.

6. Your moisturiser is wrong

Choosing the right moisturiser is critical for addressing dry skin. Using a moisturiser that is too lightweight or lacks hydrating ingredients can exacerbate the issue. Look for the right moisturiser for dry skin that contains Ceramides. Take a good look at our Simple Active Skin Barrier Care Restorative Rich Cream. This one has 22% Ceramide boosters that promote skin renewal.

These components help seal in moisture and keep your skin hydrated. It’s honestly the best moisturiser for dry skin. Be sure to apply your chosen moisturiser promptly after cleansing while your skin is still damp for maximum effectiveness.

How To Repair Dry Skin

Sometimes, dry skin isn't just about lacking moisture; it can also result from a compromised skin barrier. Your skin barrier is like a protective shield that keeps moisture in and irritants out. When it's damaged, your skin can't retain moisture properly, leading to dryness, redness, and increased sensitivity.

But how do you repair a damaged skin barrier? Here's a step-by-step guide:

  • Gentle Cleansing: Use a mild, hydrating cleanser to wash your face. Avoid hot water, as it can further damage your skin barrier.
  • Avoid Harsh Ingredients: Steer clear of products containing alcohol, fragrances, or acids, as they can exacerbate skin irritation.
  • Hydrating Moisturiser: Apply a rich, moisturising cream that contains Ceramides and other hydrating ingredients to help rebuild your skin barrier.
  • Sun Protection: Shield your skin from harmful UV rays by wearing sunscreen daily. UV damage can further weaken your skin barrier.
  • Hydration: Drink plenty of water and use a humidifier in dry environments to maintain your skin's moisture balance.
  • Limit Exfoliation: Reduce the frequency of exfoliation, as it can be harsh on a weakened skin barrier. Consider using a gentle exfoliant sparingly.

How To Know If Your Skin Barrier Is Damaged

Identifying a damaged skin barrier can be a bit tricky, but some telltale signs indicate that your skin may be struggling. Look out for:

1. Persistent Dryness

If your skin continues to feel parched and flaky, it’s a sign that your skin barrier is compromised. Your skin barrier plays a crucial role in retaining moisture and preventing water loss. When it's damaged, it can't effectively lock in the hydration provided by your skincare products, leading to persistent dryness. No matter how much moisturiser you apply, your skin still appears dull and dehydrated.

2. Skin Breaking Out

Surprisingly, a damaged skin barrier can also lead to breakouts and acne. The skin's natural protective barrier acts as a defence against harmful bacteria and pollutants. When it's weakened, these invaders penetrate the skin, potentially causing clogged pores and inflammation. This, in turn, can result in the formation of pimples and acne.

3. Uneven Skin Texture

Another sign of a damaged skin barrier is an uneven skin texture. A healthy skin barrier ensures that your skin's surface remains smooth and soft. However, when it's compromised, your skin can develop a rough, bumpy, or uneven texture. You might run your fingers over your skin and notice areas that don't feel as velvety as they used to. This change in texture can be quite bothersome, affecting the overall feel of your skin.


Understanding these signs is crucial in identifying a compromised skin barrier. If you recognise any of these symptoms in your skin, it's time to take action to restore your skin's natural protective shield. By using gentle, hydrating skincare products and adopting a suitable skincare routine, you can effectively heal and reinforce your skin barrier, leading to healthier skin. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:1 How can I hydrate my skin daily?

A. To hydrate your skin daily, drink plenty of water, use a gentle, hydrating cleanser, apply a moisturiser, and use a humidifier in dry environments.

Q:2 What destroys the skin barrier?

A. Factors like harsh skincare products, excessive exfoliation, UV radiation, and pollution can weaken the skin barrier and lead to dryness.

Q:3 Does Niacinamide repair the skin barrier?

A. Yes, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) can help repair the skin barrier by boosting ceramide production and reducing inflammation, improving overall skin health.

Q:4 How to heal skin barrier?

A. To heal the skin barrier, use a gentle, hydrating skincare routine with products that contain Ceramides. Avoid harsh chemicals and over-exfoliation.

Q:5 How can I repair damaged skin barrier?

A. Repairing a damaged skin barrier involves avoiding irritants, using gentle products, applying a rich moisturiser, and incorporating skincare ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide.

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Written by Needhi Dhoker on Nov 15, 2023
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