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What Is Skin Streaming? Should You Try It?

There always seems to be a bottomless supply of skincare trends. It is no sooner that one trend emerges, shines brightly for a while and then fizzles out, giving another one its chance. While most trends are simply a re-packaged version of a tried-and-tested method, some, on the other hand, are game-changers. One such is skin streaming. Let’s see what exactly it is about.

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What Is Skin Streaming?

What Are The Benefits Of Skin Streaming?

What Is Skin Streaming? 

Skin streaming is all about streamlining your skincare routine with a tight and thought-through selection of products that cater to your specific skin concerns. Product overuse is a common issue amongst skincare enthusiasts. With some or the other product going viral over social media, the curious mind is always looking forward to trying something new.

While this is not necessarily a bad thing, as one might stumble upon a life-changing product. But that being said, it is also very easy to go overboard. This is where skin streaming steps into the picture. It promotes the idea of incorporating limited yet highly efficient products in a routine that are capable of fulfilling multiple needs, rather than hoarding single-purpose-only products.

This makes your skincare routine practical, effective and sustainable. Because after all, for any skincare routine to work, consistency is the key. A minimal routine makes it doable for day-to-day life, hence it also lowers the chances of you skipping your AM/PM routine.

What Are The Benefits Of Skin Streaming? 

Layering multiple products one after the other can sometimes result in dilution and can fail to penetrate your skin fully as a result of overapplication. Skin streaming actually offers three-pronged benefits. First, incorporating fewer but effective products makes them likely to be absorbed well and give you some actual benefits rather than just sitting on your skin. Second, you can avoid combining products with ingredients that do not mix and thus avoid skin irritation. Lastly, it’s a great way to save time, energy and money.

    What Skin Types Should Try Skin Streaming?

    Surely, everyone and anyone. Skin streaming is highly recommended for people who have a disrupted skin barrier, sensitive skin, or multiple steps in their routine - particularly if they aren’t getting the desired results out of it. Sticking to the basics of skincare and cutting down on steps can help to hit the reset button on your skin.

    How To Skin Stream? 

    Below are certain things to keep in mind if you’re starting your skin streaming. While the ingredients and the products will largely depend on your specific skin concern, this will still give you an overview of how things run.

    1. Go Back To Basics 

    Streamline your routine by sticking to cleansing, moisturising and sun protection. At this point, toners and serums can be skipped.

    2. Opt For Multi-tasking Products 

    Streamline your routine by sticking to cleansing, moisturising and sun protection. At this point, toners and serums can be skipped.

    3. Look For Gentle Ingredients 

    Streamline your routine by sticking to cleansing, moisturising and sun protection. At this point, toners and serums can be skipped.

    What Does A Skin Streaming Routine Look Like? 

    In the morning, begin with a gentle cleanser. Our 100% soap-free Refreshing Face Wash with Pro-Vit B5 + Vit E is suitable for all skin types. It cleanses with care and eliminates dirt, excess oil and impurities without drying out your skin.

    Follow it up with our multi-tasking Protect N Glow Vitamin C Moisturising Glow Gel that is infused with Vitamin C and Niacinamide that offers day-long hydration along with giving your skin a visible glow. With the presence of active ingredients, you can skip serums.

    Not only that, Vitamin C being an excellent antioxidant pairs really well with sunscreen to avoid sun damage. As your last step in the AM routine, use our lightweight Simple Kind to Skin Gel Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++ that suits all skin types and doesn’t leave any white cast.

    As for the PM routine, retain the cleansing and moisturising steps and replace the sunscreen with our Skin Quench Sleeping Crème. It is packed with a special blend of 11% hydrating actives to help restore the hydration of skin overnight and wake you up to soft, supple skin.

    Rhea Shah
    Written by Rhea Shah on May 16, 2024
    Rhea has banked on her passion for writing and beauty to be where she is today. When she isn't looking up fancy synonyms for simple words aka working, she is either traveling, making travel plans, or exploring a new restaurant.
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