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Why is moisturizer a holy grail in everyone’s skincare routine?

Whether it’s an elaborate 10-step skincare routine or the bare minimum of just cleansing and moisturizing, a product that always remains a constant is a simple moisturizer.

Skincare has changed a lot over the last few decades. We have made leaps from cold creams to a myriad selections of serums, face masks, face creams, treatments, etc. But you can never go wrong with a humble dollop of moisturizer. Knowing how to use a moisturizer is such an essential step to maintaining skin’s health and youth.

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 What Is A Moisturizer?

But First, Know What’s Your Skin Type

What is a moisturizer?

A moisturizer is a face cream or a face lotion formulated for the upper layer of the skin to maintain elasticity, improve appearance and delay premature ageing. For those who are novices to the skincare world, here’s the short version on how to apply a moisturizer:

  • Cleanse your face a with gentle face wash.
  • Leave skin slightly damp. Take a coin-sized amount of your moisturizer and gently massage your face and neck.

Never forget your neck! Simple Moisturizer isn’t only made for your face. Did you know, your neck ages faster than your face, therefore, it shows earlier signs of ageing. So, bringing face cream down to your neck is a crucial step in learning how to apply a moisturizer.

Want to know more about moisturizing? Let’s read on!

Simple Skin Micellar water

But first, know what’s your skin type

Let’s sort you to your skin type, shall we? Knowing how to use a moisturizer based on your skin type ensures you’re giving your skin the nourishment it requires.

Skin type Moisturizer type What to try
Normal Can try from vast options as all moisturizers would suit this skin type.  Simple Kind To Skin Protecting Light Moisturiser
Oily Go for a lightweight face lotion that’s gel-based or water-based. Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser
Dry Creams and lotions that are rich and thick. Choose a product that’s cream-based or in extreme conditions, something that’s ointment-based or oil-based. Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser
Sensitive Choose a product that has less ingredients and a formula that’s fragrance free. Any one of the above based on how dry or oily your skin is. They all have 0% perfume and are free from 2000+ harsh chemicals

When to apply a moisturizer?

No matter what skin type you have, one thing is common – use moisturizer AM and PM. Using a face cream twice:

  • Locks-in moisture
  • Restores hydration
  • Improves skin health

Transepidermal water loss

Another thing a moisturizer is great at is preventing transepidermal water loss. What’s that?

We have, essentially, three layers of skin: Epidermis – outermost layer of the skin Dermis – mid layer of the skin Hypodermis – inner most layer of the skin

When water passes from each layer and evaporates from the epidermis, it causes skin to become dry and dehydrated. This phenomenon occurs due to external factors like dry, cold weather, low humidity or not drinking enough water.

Simple Skin Micellar water

But do not fret. To boost your moisturizer’s performance, choose hyaluronic acid. It’s a heaven-sent ingredient that’s known as a humectant. In simpler terms, hyaluronic acid attracts water from the source (atmosphere or a damp face) and improves the hydration factor. The ideal level of hyaluronic acid to use is somewhere between 1% - 3%. Here’s how you use it:

  • On a damp face and neck, pat a few drops of hyaluronic acid into the skin
  • Once it’s absorbed, follow it right away with a moisturizer
  • If you have dry skin, seal it all with just a few drops of facial oil

This technique will ensure maximum moisture and hydration a.k.a the ultimate hack for an envious glow!

Simple Skin Micellar water

Additional skincare & beauty hacks with a moisturizer

Here are a few more effective skincare and beauty hacks with a moisturizer:

  • Want extra glow? Mix 1-2 drops of liquid highlighter with your face lotion.
  • If your skin’s feeling extra dry, take more than the usual amount of moisturizer, and apply to your face and neck as a sleeping mask.
  • You can even sheer out your foundation with a face cream for a more skin-like finish.
  • Oily skin? Allow the moisturizer to absorb into the skin for 10-15 mins and lightly dab the excess off with a makeup cloth or a single-ply tissue.
  • Always read the ingredient list and ensure it’s free of harsh chemicals and fragrance.

Lastly, always and always apply a layer of sunscreen after a moisturizer during daytime, whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

Team Simple
Written by Team Simple on Apr 25, 2022
Nourishing your skin with the best of Simple Skincare products. Our skincare line speaks of clean beauty, excluding more than 2000+ harsh chemicals. Start your simplified skincare routine now!
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