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What does clean beauty mean

Clean Beauty means no harsh ingredient

• We exclude a full list of potential irritants that we constantly update and expand.

• Our products are amongst the safest in the industry

Clean Beauty means Kindness you can feel.

• Our products are white, translucent or have clear formulas that are as pure as possible.

• They get absorbed into the skin instantly, leaving no greasy after feeling or residues.

• Visible results on skin, always respecting its natural ecosystem.

Clean Beauty means Kindness to Planet and Animals.

• We are PETA certified, cruelty free and vegan.

• We use sustainably sourced ingredients, recycled packing to leave the smallest footprint possible.

Simple is the gold standard of clean beauty with products that have no colour, no artificial fragrance and no harsh chemicals. We believe in being Kind to skin, planet and animals.

What is your Brand Proposition

Skincare has become overwhelming in today’s world. From stressing about the type of skin one has, to whether an ingredient will suit the skin or not, or one may even fail to understand the hype about niacinamide. Which is why, in this complex world of skincare with limitless choices, we love keeping it Simple!

We are committed to simplify skincare for you by providing fuss-free but effective solutions to all your skincare concerns.

We believe in clean and kind skincare. Made with skin loving ingredients, our products are free from more than 2000+ harsh ingredients that could upset your skin. We are straightforward, direct and opposite to complexity.

What makes you different from other brands

In a very complex world, we stand out for keeping it simple. Because we know our audience is time-poor and has a life! Our products are easy to read, easy to choose and easy to use.

What is Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is not a skin type but a skin condition. Skin sensitivity embraces a whole range of skin reactions to environmental agents, which can be divided into two main categories:

• Allergic reactions come with itching as a characteristic feature. It may also show redness, small blisters or bumps etc.

• Non-allergic (irritant) reactions look same as allergic reaction but do not involve immune system and are limited to local response on skin when it comes in contact with the irritant.

Sensitive skin is caused due to factors causing skin reactions:

• Sunlight

• Fragrance

• Dust, pollen & pollution

• Adverse weather conditions

• Harsh detergents

• Water

• Stress & diet

How do I know if I have Sensitive Skin

Many people self-diagnose sensitive skin, however, always speak to a doctor or dermatologist to find out if other factors may be involved, such as allergies. Here are a few signs of sensitive skin:

• Mild skin reactions such as rashes, or raised bumps

• A tendency towards skin flushing red

• A frequent urge to itch –triggered by dry skin

• You suffer with skin reactions after you’ve been in contact with cosmetics, skin care products, or detergents

Are skin care products labelled “hypoallergenic” safer for sensitive skin

Yes. It means these products are tested on sensitive skin and has not shown any signs of sensitivity. ‘hypoallergenic’ claims indicates that there is low probability of causing allergic reaction.

How can I tell if a particular skin care or household product is likely to irritate my sensitive skin

Many skin care products make ‘hypoallergenic’ claims which indicates there to be low probability of causing allergic reaction. You can do a small patch test to see if the product is suitable for your skin. Also, products which are colour free, fragrance free, uses high quality purified ingredients are less sensitizing on skin. All our products are designed for even the most sensitive skin.

What does non-comedogenic mean

Products that are unlikely to cause pore blockages and breakouts.

Are all your products non-comedogenic

Yes. All our products are non comedogenic.

Does the FDA regulate the safety of cosmetics

Yes, India FDA regulates the safety of cosmetic products. The cosmetic products in India are regulated under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 and Rules 1945 and Labelling Declarations by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

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