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6 Reasons You Have Facial Redness And How To Reduce It

Having a rosy flush can quickly trickle down from being a compliment to a problem if you’re not wearing any blush. Skin redness can be triggered due to various reasons. From indulging in an intense workout or having an underlying skin condition like rosacea. Digging the reason behind it is the first step towards knowing how to reduce redness on face. While sometimes it can be subdued with a simple splash of cold water, others require your time and attention. Below, we’ll walk you through the reasons for skin redness and how you can undo it.

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What Causes Skin Redness?

What Causes Skin Redness?  

When you notice a distinctive reddish hue on your face, particularly your cheeks, it's indicative of blood rushing under the skin due to inflammation or skin irritation. There are a number of reasons behind this. 

1. Your Cleanser 

Cleansers, which are only supposed to clean your skin, sometimes do a lot more than that. This includes over-drying your face, stripping away the natural oils and damaging your skin barrier. What you need is a cleanser that is free from harsh components and loves your skin while cleansing it. Our 100% soap-free Simple Active Skin Barrier Care Replenishing Cream Cleanser is formulated with 11% Ceramide Boosters, Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin that soothe inflammation and leave you with soft, supple skin from the 1st use! 

2. Alcohol-Laden Products 

Alcohol in skincare products, especially toners can cause skin redness and dry out your skin. It can potentially stretch your skin and destroy up to 10% of water content in your skin. Which is astoundingly huge, especially when you have inflamed or sensitive skin. Pick our 100% alcohol-free Soothing Facial Toner, which consists of calming ingredients like Allantoin and Witch Hazel that retains moisture, reduces skin redness and restores the skin’s natural pH level. 

3. Acne Inflammation

Clogged pores, excess sebum, dirt and bacteria cause inflammation on face aka acne. Be it active acne, subsided bumps or post-acne flare-up, skin redness is a part and parcel. To ease out this situation, your acne-prone skin needs two things: a skin-balancing ingredient and a calming product. For the first part, our 10% Niacinamide Booster Serum can do complete justice. It regulates sebum production, hydrates skin and promotes an even-toned skin. Follow it up with our Spot Patch for Pimples and Acne 24 Patches that absorb excess oil and gunk, visibly flattens pimples, soothes painful acne and reduces skin redness. 

4. Prolonged Sun Exposure

If you’re not using adequate sun protection and exposing your skin to the sun's harmful rays, then sunburn and inflammation is very likely. These UV rays eat up your skin’s collagen and elastin levels that essentially support your skin’s structure. To correct this situation, your blood vessels will dilate to bring in extra blood flow to the affected area, causing skin redness. In the absence of sunscreen, these capillaries will be too damaged to constrict again, which would make the inflammation prolonged and persistent. 

5. Skin Conditions 

Skin allergies, rosacea or eczema are conditions that can be catalysts to inflammation on face. If not identified and treated properly, they can lead to itching and peeling of the skin as well. Rosacea causes redness around the nose and cheeks, while eczema can occur anywhere on the body and is commonly accompanied by intense itching. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, consult a doctor as soon as possible. 

6. Active Ingredients 

‘Too many hands spoil the broth’ applies here. Sometimes, going a little overboard with active ingredients can trigger redness, itching and skin irritation. One has to tread carefully while using active ingredients. They’re either too strong for your sensitive skin, the frequency of usage could be too high or you’re using one too many actives in the same routine. Either of these reasons can damage your barrier and cause skin redness. What you need is a nourishing barrier building product that restores your skin’s health. Our Simple Active Skin Barrier Care Restorative Rich Cream contains 22% Ceramide Boosters and Cica that is clinically proven to restore skin barrier in just 28 days. These ultra-calming ingredients offer moisturisation up to 10 layers deep to replenish your skin from within. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:1 How can I tell if my facial redness is a serious skin condition?

A. There are many reasons that can trigger skin redness. However, in spite of using soothing skincare products, if the redness doesn’t subside in 2 weeks, you should see a doctor as it's likely to be a skin condition and not a reaction.

Q:2 Does using hot water on your face cause redness?

A. Yes. Bathing with hot water or washing your face with it can cause your blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood flow to the face causing redness.

Q:3 Can facial redness be prevented entirely?

A. Protecting your skin barrier can help in reducing the chances of developing facial redness. However, sometimes, skin conditions can cause redness and should be checked by a doctor.

Rhea Shah
Written by Rhea Shah on Mar 19, 2024
Rhea has banked on her passion for writing and beauty to be where she is today. When she isn't looking up fancy synonyms for simple words aka working, she is either traveling, making travel plans, or exploring a new restaurant.
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