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5 Ways To Smoothen Out Uneven Skin Texture

Be it because of excessive sun exposure, post-acne flare up or dead skin built-up, an uneven texture awaits you at the end of the road. It can make your skin look dull, rough and bumpy to touch. But, on the brighter side, no matter how severe it may seem, you can smoothen out all that texture with the right skincare products and ingredients. 

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What Is Textured Skin?

How Can I Get Rid Of Uneven Skin Texture

What Is Textured Skin?

When you have yourself a bumpy-looking, dry-here-oily-there and an overall dull-looking complexion, that is textured skin. People who have a history of acne are prone to textured skin. This could be because of the underlying bumps, picking at the zits, having enlarged pores or acne scarring. Along with that, if you’ve let dirt, pollution and sun damage set camp on your skin’s surface, that leads to an uneven skin texture too. Lastly, micro-ageing. Every year your skin loses 1% collagen production. So naturally, as you hit your late 20s you’ll start noticing fine lines and wrinkles, which lead to an uneven skin texture. 

How Can I Get Rid Of Uneven Skin Texture

Your fix for textured skin begins with understanding what the actual problem is. Otherwise, you will only be tending to the symptoms and not the underlying cause. Given below are X ways you can smoothen out skin texture, based on your main distress. 

1. Use An Exfoliating Face Wash 

Your skin might be all bumpy on the surface, but underneath all that, there’s baby soft, even skin that is patiently waiting. You can expedite this resurfacing process by using a gentle exfoliating face wash. Our 100% soap-free Simple Active Skin Barrier Care Smoothing Gel Cleanser is formulated with 5% Lactic Acid (alpha-hydroxy-acid) that gently exfoliates the top layer of your skin; along with that, there are super-hydradors like Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin and 7% Ceramides Boosters that replenish moisture and protect your skin’s barrier. This everyday use cleanser helps smoothen out uneven skin texture as well as brighten your skin. If your skin has been looking dull and lacklustre lately, you should definitely pick this one up!

2. Bring In A Toner 

Once you’ve cleared off the debris on your skin, it's time to turn to a toner. This will do two things: restore your skin’s pH level post cleansing and help shrink your pore size, making your skin look more even. Our Soothing Facial Toner is 100% alcohol–free, non-comedogenic and free from 2000+ baddies. Since it is packed with ingredients like Chamomile, Witch Hazel and Allantoin, folks with enlarged pores and oily or acne-prone skin will especially love it. It soothes, moisturises and refreshes your skin in a go. 

3.  A Vitamin C Serum Helps

One ingredient that can even out skin tone as well as texture is yours truly, Vitamin C. It is a potent antioxidant that lowers the impact of environmental and sun damage on your skin. So you get a double whammy of protection and defence, as it helps you avoid texture-related problems down the line, while also reducing hyperpigmentation, age spots and brightening your skin. Our 10% Vitamin C+E+F Booster Serum supercharges your skin with its potent yet kind to skin formulation. If you’ve got post-acne flare ups, scars, signs of ageing or dull skin overall, say no more because this super-serum is what you need. 

4. Always Moisturise 

Every skin type needs a moisturiser. It does two major things: improve your overall skin’s texture as well as strengthen your barrier. A weakened skin barrier is prone to external damage, which can ‘roughen up’ the surface of your skin and make it appear dull. Although, it's imperative that you pick a moisturiser that agrees with your skin. For dry skin, our glycerin-infused Replenishing Rich Moisturiser offers 24 hour continued hydration for visibly soft and plump skin.

For oily or acne-prone skin, nothing does the job better than our Hydrating Light Moisturiser Lotion. Its lightweight and fast absorbing formula moisturises your skin sans the grease. Lastly, our Protecting Light Moisturiser is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It has Vitamin E that improves your skin condition along with glycerin that hydrates for up to 12 hours.

5. Opt For In-Clinic Treatments 

Getting a professional skin treatment done is another way to improve skin texture and brighten your skin. It can range from clean-ups to chemical peels, microneedling, and laser resurfacing. In ascending order, clean-ups can deeply exfoliate your skin to eliminate dead skin and reduce texture. Chemical peels can help deal with acne scars or signs of ageing, as well as help lift dullness, depending on the potency of the treatment. It removes the skin’s top layers, so that it grows back smoother. Moving on to microneedling, as the name goes, tiny needles cause micro-injuries in your skin that trigger repair mode and boost collagen to reduce scars, texture and appearance of pores. Lastly, laser resurfacing works similar to microneedling by activating wound-healing pathways and thereby reducing texture. Consult an expert to know what will suit your skin best. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:1 What causes uneven skin texture?

A. Uneven skin texture can be due to acne, dryness, over-exfoliation, sun exposure as well as ageing. These factors can deteriorate the health of the skin's surface layer, leading to uneven skin texture.

Q:2 What does textured skin look like?

A. Textured skin can look dull overall, feeling rough and bumpy to touch. Along with this, one can also have enlarged pores and underlying acne. 

Q:3 Can textured skin go away?

A. Absolutely. Even though textured skin is stubborn and caused due to underlying problems in the skin, you can reverse the damage by using the right skincare products and being consistent with a routine.

Rhea Shah
Written by Rhea Shah on Feb 08, 2024
Rhea has banked on her passion for writing and beauty to be where she is today. When she isn't looking up fancy synonyms for simple words aka working, she is either traveling, making travel plans, or exploring a new restaurant.
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