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Winter Wedding: Skincare Must-Haves For Brides

All the hard work you put in to dazzle and shine on your big day to withstand the winter chill! Well, we totally get you. But this season can totally prove to be a troublemaker for your skin. As the winter wedding season approaches, it's time to revamp your skincare routine with essential must-haves that will leave you looking radiant and picture-perfect. Say goodbye to dryness, redness, and dullness – and bring in the charm of the stunning bride that everyone will remember. Follow this comprehensive guide to ensure your skin is prepped and primed for the spotlight on your special day!


In This Article:

1. Gentle Face Scrub

2. Hydrating Serum

1. Gentle Face Scrub

In the winter, our skin can become a spot for dry, flaky patches. A mild scrub, used once or twice a week, will slough away dead skin cells, allowing your skincare products to penetrate effectively. Two best recommendations come straight from Simple Skincare’s winter essentials - Active Skin Barrier Care Smoothing Gel Cleanser and Clear Pore Facial Scrub.

The skin barrier cleanser comes with Ceramide boosters that can rejuvenate your skin whereas our clear pore scrub eliminates pore-clogging dirt makeup etc. With ingredients like Thyme, Witch Hazel etc., these are the best face scrub, ideal even for sensitive skin. 

2. Hydrating Serum

Winter calls for an extra layer of protection, and a hydrating serum is your cue. Packed with moisture-retaining ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, a quality hydrating serum ensures your skin stays plump, supple, and flawlessly hydrated. Having said that, try out our cult favourite product - Booster Serum 3% Hyaluronic Acid + Vit B5. Made with skin-loving ingredients, this one offers deep hydration and promotes smooth skin. The non-sticky formula works fantastically on dry skin and is also the best face serum for oily skin. Winter bride? You will love this one! 

3. Nourishing Moisturiser

Lock in the goodness with a nourishing face cream that caters to the specific needs of winter skin. No more boring or basic moisturising days! We are currently obsessed with our Active Skin Barrier Care Restorative Rich Cream. Get smooth, happy skin during winters with this one! This cream has 1% Cica that keeps your sane in this weather. Don’t let your skin barrier get affected as you bank on this skincare gem for hydration and a lot more.

4. Rejuvenating Face Mask

For winter brides seeking luminous skin is inevitable. And, so it’s important to include Vitamin C face masks in your skincare arsenal. These masks, enriched with potent antioxidants, work wonders to illuminate and rejuvenate your skin. Combatting dullness and promoting a youthful glow, Vitamin C face masks are the perfect addition to your pre-wedding beauty routine. Since you asked, here’s your best mate - Protect N Glow Vitamin C Brighten Clay Mask. This mask takes good care of your skin even in winters. Before heading for expensive treatments, give this product a shot. Thank us later!

5. Calming Eye Gel

While taking care of your skin, why leave out the delicate under-eye area! Presenting our Protect N Glow Vitamin C Brightening Under Eye Gel. This one deals with environmental hazards as well as daily stressors. A time-saver, this under-eye gel not only hydrates but also protects the delicate area with its hydrating, skin-loving ingredients. It’s perfect skincare product for bright, beautiful eyes that will steal attention on your big day.

6. Skin Soothing Toner

No longer just fragrant astringent waters, today's toners are multitasking wonders. They go beyond refreshment, actively moisturising, hydrating, and nourishing your skin. Targeting issues like dryness, dullness, open pores, blackheads, and excess oil, these toners cater to all skin types. The benefits are diverse, making it never too late to jump on the toner trend. Experience the transformative power our Kind To Skin Facial Toner. The lightweight texture of this one won’t clog pores and with ingredients like Witch Hazel and Allantoin, it keeps your skin smooth during winters too. Try it out.

7. Protecting Lip Balm

Chapped lips are a thing of the past as you apply this protective shield, keeping your lips moisturised. Opt for a tinted balm for a subtle hint of colour, adding an extra touch of allure to your wedding day look.

Bonus Tips

  • Quick Glow Fix: Carry a travel-sized facial mist for instant refreshment and a burst of moisture during winter ceremonies.
  • Light Layers Rule: Opt for lightweight moisturisers in multiple layers to lock in hydration without feeling heavy on your skin.
  • Gentle Exfoliation: Twice-weekly exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, ensuring a smooth canvas for your bridal makeup.
  • Silk Pillowcase: Switch to a silk pillowcase for the nights leading up to your wedding. Silk reduces friction on your skin and hair, offering rejuvenated texture when you wake up. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:1 How can I get good skin before my wedding?

A. Prioritise a consistent skincare routine with cleanser, moisturiser, and regular exfoliation. Consider professional facials for an extra glow and stay hydrated for overall skin health.

Q:2 What skincare products do I need for winter?

A. Invest in a face serum, a hydrating moisturiser for face and a gentle exfoliator to combat dryness. Additionally, don't forget a sunscreen with SPF to protect your skin from winter sun exposure.

Q:3 How do brides get glowing skin?

A. Brides achieve glowing skin by using hydrating face masks and serums rich in antioxidants. Ensure proper hydration, get enough sleep, and maintain a healthy diet for that radiant bridal glow.

Needhi Dhoker
Written by Needhi Dhoker on Dec 20, 2023
Fashion & beauty fanatic. Tea or coffee dilemmas. John Mayer vibes. Spilling words and swooning over skincare.
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